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CatsWannaBeCats.com is a non-profit organization committed to the advocacy of feline welfare.  We exist to help these wonderful companions live their best life with their favourite humans.  We understand that cat parenthood is unlike anything else.  After all, it takes a certain kind of person to put up with all that cattitude!

If you look up “Crazy Cat Lady” in the dictionary, you’re likely to find the photograph of our Founder, one Kathleen F. McLeod.  She originally came up with the idea for CatsWannaBeCats.com as a project for an IT Business course she was enrolled in during the first Covid-19 lockdown.  However, she had been advocating for these animals since long before she had this revolutionary concept.

Despite a fascinating academic and professional background that ranges from music to business, sales, and corporate communications, Kathleen would ultimately set it all aside to pursue a dream job at a local veterinary office.  Although she began as a receptionist, the cat lover would ultimately wear many hats at the establishment, even taking on the roles of Pet Nutrition Advisor and Social Media Coordinator.  Later, she would add Pet Nutrition Advocate for Royal Canin and Eukanuba to her work history, as well.

Built on a foundation of compassion, this platform exists to inspire the creation of the best world inside the homes of the best cats in the world.  We do this by welcoming and supporting any fellow cat parents interested in enriching the lives of their companions through proactive indoor care.  We encourage people to keep their cats indoors unless supervised or safely contained outdoors, for their own safety, as well as that of the songbirds and other wildlife enjoying their own environment.

Through partnering with veterinary professionals and associations, adoption agencies, and research institutions, we can provide fast, vast, reliable, and vet-approved educational materials for the proper care of domestic felines.  It’s our top priority!  And we offer an incentive program to encourage our followers to track their progress as they nurture the general health and well-being of these beautiful animals.

Kathleen is mother to three adorable, tail-waggin’ pups and two meowzers, including our own CatsWannaBeCats.com mascot, Wallace, and one of our ambassadors, Longshanks.  She is excited to share her feline affinity with others and to improve the lives of cats around the world with important educational information and engaging activities.  Keep your eye on CatsWannaBeCats.com throughout 2021 because we have many exciting announcements, thrilling news, and big projects in the works!

Our Team









My name is: Kathleen F. McLeod

My role at CatsWannaBeCats.Com is: Founder, Executive Director and Content Creator

I’m from: Puslinch, Ontario, Canada

I currently reside in: After 13 residential moves in my adult life, I’m right back where it all began 🙂

The cats I currently serve are: Longshanks (aka Noodle) and Wallace (aka WallaKoala)

Other humans or animals serving the cats include: My senior lab mix, Argyle, and two maremma sheepdogs, Punchy and Gwinnifer

When not serving my cat(s), I spend my time: Snuggling and walking with the dogs, eating pizza, reading historical fiction novels and working at an animal hospital as a Pet Nutrition Advisor.

My cat(s) is the best in the world because: Longshanks is the best because, through all those major life changes, she has remained patient with me every step of the way. She also happens to be the most mint condition senior kitty I’ve ever known! Wallace is the best because she taught me that I don’t know what I don’t know. When I thought I had cats all figured out she came along, and with her pee rather than her words, she let me know that cats are more intelligent and deserving than I previously understood. She’s the reason I became so passionate about feline environmental enrichment.

In general, I think what cats need most is: appreciation for who they truly are – CATS!

I’m involved with CatsWannaBeCats.Com because: The idea itself came from a business IT course assignment. I had to come up with a fictional but feasible online business that relied on network effects. The reason I decided to make this fictional concept a reality is because, well, I was the most loving cat mom but a complacent cat owner. The two don’t go together very well, I learned. I let my cat, Murry, outside for a couple hours a day, assuming nothing would ever happen to her because she never wandered far. After 13 years of soul kitty friendship, a coyote took her away and I cannot get over the grief from it. I will never let the same thing happen to Longshanks or Wallace and I don’t want it to happen to anyone else’s best cat in the world. So here I am, bringing all us cat lovers together to celebrate how wonderful they are by learning to care for them the way we love them.

I think CatsWannaBeCats.Com will succeed because: Every cat owner I meet believes his/her cat is the best in the world and to our cats, we are their world. The desire to learn about and better care for our cats exists in anyone who has one. CatsWannaBeCats.Com brings together cat owners, veterinarians, researchers, welfare advocates and corporate suppliers, all stakeholders sharing the common objective of improving the lives of our feline companions. By coming together, we can create the best world inside the homes of the best cats in the world.










My name is: Susan, Blue’s Mom

My role at CatsWannaBeCats.Com is: Director and Contributor

I’m from: Manitoba

I currently reside in: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

The cat(s) I currently serve are:  Blue

Other humans or animals serving the cat(s) include:  Annie (fluffy little dog who weighs the same as Blue) and Philip (husband and bill payer)

When not serving my cat(s), I spend my time:  looking after plants in my conservatory and enjoying nature and bird watching

My cat(s) is the best in the world because:  he shows how an outdoor stray tomcat can adapt to life indoors and be the nicest and most loving cat imaginable

In general, I think what cats need most is: the understanding that they are intelligent animals who need to have their indoor environment enriched

I’m involved with CatsWannaBeCats.Com because: more cats will have better lives and cat owners will become more knowledgeable about keeping their cats healthy and happy and, at the same time, birds and other wildlife will be saved because of! It’s a win-win for all.

I think the CatsWannaBeCats.Com will succeed because: of the social engagement of its members and its reward system that gives points and prizes for becoming more knowledgeable about cat care











My name is: Dr. Amy Rojman

My role at CatsWannaBeCats.Com is: Veterinary Consultant and Contributor

I’m from: Around Ontario

I currently reside in: Guelph

I became a veterinarian because: I have a passion for animal welfare and shelter medicine, especially in relation to feline health and wellness.

My role at CatsWannaBeCats.Com is: Veterinary Consultant and Contributor

The cat(s) I currently serve: Unagi, a 3-year-old FS Tortoiseshell

Other humans or animals serving the cat(s) include: My husband Yair, an equine veterinarian.

When not serving my cat(s), I spend my time: Cooking, reading, travelling, painting.

My cat is the best in the world because: She is very entertaining and loves her daily play time, especially when treats are involved. But she is also a big softie, and can spend hours cuddling and purring madly for never ending belly rubs.

In general, I think what cats need most is: A good safe warm home, affection, proper nutrition, adequate enrichment and exercise.

I’m involved with CatsWannaBeCats.Com because: I hope to be able to help cat owners with simple husbandry modifications with the aim to curb complex health problems that may have been preventable. Cat behaviour is particularly curious and signs of early distress can be very subtle, and learning to recognize early warning signs is invaluable.

I think CatsWannaBeCats.Com will succeed because: Cats always win. Always.











My name is: Ema Suvajac

My role at CatsWannaBeCats.Com is: Photographer and Contributor

I’m from: Originally from what is now Bosnia!

I currently reside in: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

The cat(s) I currently serve are: Pixel and Libby!

Other humans or animals serving the cats include: n/a

When not serving my cat(s), I spend my time: Taking photos, weightlifting, travelling, hiking, rock climbing, and singing at the top of my lungs in the car

My cat(s) is the best in the world because:  They are quirky little mischievous fluff balls with tons of personality. I’ve raised Pixel since he was a little kitten and I swear we understand each other. I know what each little squeak and meow he makes means – it’s hilarious! He’s very food motivated so I’ve trained him to do some little fun tricks (like jump upon me on command).  Libby is THE MOST POLITE cat I’ve ever met. She’s such a proper little lady, with lots of sassy “tortitude” to boot! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In general, I think what cats need most is: Cuddles, fun, engagement, and understanding. To really get to know a cat, you need to spend quite a bit of time with them. Their body language can be very subtle – a little flick of the tail, a sidewards glance – it all means something!

I’m involved with CatsWannaBeCats.Com because: I’m a cat lady through and through and I want to share that with others!

I think CatsWannaBeCats.Com will succeed because: Humans need to better understand our furry loved ones’ motivations and needs 🙂

My name is: Lisa Grieve

I’m from: Guelph, Ontario

I currently reside in: Toronto, Ontario

My role at CatsWannaBeCats.Com is: Content Editor and Contributor

The cat(s) I currently serve are: Smokey

Other humans or animals serving the cats include: My roommate, Danielle

When not serving my cat(s), I spend my time: studying English and Professional Writing at York, working on various editing projects, bingeing Netflix, and reading.

My cat(s) is the best in the world because: She still keeps surprising me, even after 10 years. She makes me laugh at least once a day and gives the best hugs.

In general, I think what cats need most is: People who love them unconditionally while understanding and respecting their unique personalities and needs.

I’m involved with CatsWannaBeCats.Com because: I think it’s an amazing and worthwhile organization, and I feel honoured because I was asked to be a part of it.

I think CatsWannaBeCats.Com will succeed because: Kathleen has such a great amount of determination and love for this work, and it shows through her dedication to it.


Cat Ambassadors


Name: Wallace, WallaWalla, WallaKoala, WallaBear, WallaButt

Age: I’m not sure, but I do know I’m not a kitten and I doubt I’m as old as Longshanks (she’s old)

From: Guelph Humane Society

Human: Kathleen F. McLeod, I learned how to spell it from this website

Role at CWBC: Mascot, Director of Wallace Wonders, Desk Warmer, Puzzle Demonstrator, Video Star

Hobbies: solving puzzles, hunting for kibble in the garage, playing hard to get with Riley

Goals: master the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound MultiPuzzle Level 4 Dog Game, raise more awareness about environmental enrichment and, most of all, start my Wallace Wishes Foundation to fund routine and emergency veterinary care for cats whose owners are temporarily off work for mental illness treatment.

I’m unique because: I grew up on the kitty streets and it took a long-time to adjust to having a home. I didn’t like being near anyone or being held and so I passed the days by hiding on top of a bookcase. I guess I peed on the clean laundry a lot, too…My mom gave me so much love and patience that I eventually got comfortable and came out of my tortoiseshell (I did a pun!). We found out that I have above average intelligence and not only learn tricks, but I can solve problems, too 😊

What I wish humans understood about cats: we don’t have behaviour “problems” because we dislike you or want to be bad. We tell you how we feel with our behaviour and sometimes we do things you don’t like because we’re stressed about something, bored, feeling sick or missing something important in our environment. I wish humans would consider these things instead of punishing or leaving us. 

My favourites are:

Food: Royal Canin Appetite Control (I was chubby once)

Way to eat favourite food: whatever makes eating into a fun game

Toy: lasers forever!

Activity: eating

Human/Animal: my mom is my favourite human and I like giant fluffy white creature she calls Punchy

Place to relax: I have a bed in my mom’s desk drawer…it’s gooooood

View: I like watching my mom open the food drawer…that’s the best view ever


Name: Longshanks (mom calls me Noodle for whatever reason though)

Age: I’m 10 but I look and feel like a kitten, OK? I have bloodwork to prove I’m just like a kitten!

From: Grand River All Breed Rescue

Human: well, I don’t have a lot of options…so Mom it is

Role at CWBC: Ambassador, video appearances, wildlife advocate

Hobbies: watching squirrels and birds do stuff on YouTube, watching my mom work from behind her computer screen, watching dogs do silly things from the top of my cat tree…I like to watch. 

Goals: I hope to catch and destroy the flying red dot while I’m still young. I’m still young, you know.

I’m unique because: I’m very delicate. I like to chase toys, but I don’t like using claws on them, especially if they look like animals. Mom also refers to me as a mint condition kitty because I’ve been healthy my entire (young) life and, I have to agree with her, that I’m so silky and pretty. 

What I wish humans understood about cats: that we require long-term commitments from our humans. We’re obviously cute as kittens, but we tend to stick around for a long time and make even cuter seniors. 

My favourites are:

Food: Royal Canin Senior Consult… and margarine to be honest

Way to eat favourite food: using my paw to scoop it into my mouth

Toy: the original Cat Dancer

Activity: doing the zoomies after a good poop

Human/Animal: Murron is my favourite even though she’s gone…I still miss her a lot 🙁

Place to relax: I like to hog my mom’s spot on the couch…just cuz

View: Same answer as Wallace…my mom opening the food drawer.


Name:  Blue

Age: 9 years???

From: Guelph

Human: nice lady

Role at CWBC: ambassador…to show what the best world inside the home of the best cat in the world looks like

Hobbies: watching squirrels and birds from the inside of the house looking out through the window, deciding which toy to play with??  Deciding how much of a nap is needed today and where in the house to have it

Goals: to have the best life possible and show how much love I can give my mom

I’m unique because:  I showed how an older stray tomcat could become the most wonderful and much-loved indoor cat as is possible

What I wish humans understood about cats: they should not be underestimated or under valued, a lazy fat cat is not a happy cat…that cats are intelligent creatures and need to have their lives enriched and be stimulated

My favourites are:

Food: BBQ chicken

Way to eat favourite food: as fast as possible

Toy: catnip toys…the good catnip stuff

Activity: being in the same room with my mom throughout the day, spending time watching birds, chipmunks, squirrels from the inside of the window looking out, sunbathing in the morning sunbeam

Human/Animal: snuggling together or amusing my mom by catching my catnip toys or showing how smart I am by walking on my leash

Favourite place to relax: In my solarium…yes, it’s MINE!

View: The birds and squirrels snacking on the other side of the window


Name:  Riley

Age: somewhere around 5

From: Puslinch – a nice lady found me as a stray and took me to the vet to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before having another nice lady adopt me

Human: Mom, who happens to also be Kathleen’s mom

Role at CWBC: Ambassador. My job is to show everyone how happy I am as an indoor cat after years of living outside. 

Hobbies: playing in my taco truck, chasing toys that look like real birds and napping at the top of my kitty condo

Goals: well, I think I have it made but if there is anything I yearn for, it’s to win Wallace’s heart

What I wish humans understood about cats: that we do like it outside because we enjoy hunting wildlife and climbing trees, but we like it so much better if we can chase toys and climb cat trees inside where we are safest.

My favourites are:

Food: Royal Canin Indoor Adult and cereal milk

Way to eat favourite food: high up, away from all the dogs I live with

Toy: a realistic bird with feathers that makes tweet noises when I catch it!

Activity: well, obviously chasing the bird toy, but also watching the evening news with my mom

Human/Animal: I think I’m in love with Wallace. I show her by waiting outside her door every day and by chasing her around upstairs. I want her to love me back. 

Place to relax: at the top of my 9-foot kitty condo

View: my kitty condo is surrounded by big windows and I have an amazing view of all the wildlife outside


Name: Pixel

Age: 8

From: My mama was a barn cat who was sadly killed by a coyote. I was fostered by a neighbouring mama barn cat who had just had kittens, and she raised me alongside 3 siblings and 4 foster siblings. I met my human mama at 5 weeks old and moved to my fur-ever home at 9 weeks!

Human: Ema

Role at CWBC: Food enthusiast and cuddle monster

Hobbies: Getting all the tummy rubs and underarm scratches, eating, learning new tricks in hopes of getting food, opening cabinets in search of food, jumping up into my mom’s arms first thing in the morning, annoying my big sister Libby, going on walks outside on a lead (more like sitting and watching for those elusive pesky birds), catching things unexpectedly in mid-air (kibbles, dragonflies).

Goals: To lose another couple pounds and improve my kibbie catch game!

I’m unique because: I love learning new tricks and am very enthusiastic about cuddles!

What I wish humans understood about cats: When I’m being a jerk it’s typically because my needs aren’t being met somehow. It gets pretty boring doing the same thing every day and we indoor cats need some excitement in our lives!

My favourites are:

Food: Kibbles, wet food, rotisserie chicken mmm

Way to eat favourite food: AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE

Toy: Straws or plastic things especially when they scrape against a wall – I jump really high to get them!

Activity: Evening cuddles

Human/Animal: Mama of course

Place to relax: In the laundry basket, especially if there’s laundry in it!

View: I like laying on my back spread eagled and looking up!


Name: Smokey

Age: 12

From: Guelph Humane Society

Human: Lisa

Role at CWBC: Assistant Editor, Tryer of Things

Hobbies: Cuddling, being ridiculously cute but extremely judgmental, sleeping

Goals: Once I learn to open the fridge, all bets are off!

I’m unique because: I may be 12, but I act like I’m 2

What I wish humans understood about cats: When you meow at us, you are speaking gibberish

My favourites are:

Food: Uhhhh…cheese!! No wait! Turkey!! Hmmm, no…I got it! Cheerios! (I get cranky allll day if I don’t get my one Cheerio in the morning).

Way to eat favourite food: Off the table, unless my human is too slow to produce one. Then I’ll dip a paw into the bowl.

Toy: Little mice that I carry around in my mouth and drop at the balcony door for my human to find.

Activity: Singing the song of my people while playing with my toy mice. Or sleeping. Sleeping is always fun.

Human/Animal: Anyone who will quietly pet me.

Place to relax: In my cat tree or on a bed.

View: From my cat tree in front of the big window. Sea gulls! Pigeons! HAWKS?!

Best Friends

“The mission of the Gosling Foundation is to support transformation of the nature sector to enable it to protect and restore biodiversity for the benefit of all. We’re a small, private foundation established by Dr. Philip R. Gosling, a successful entrepreneur, naturalist, birder and co-founder of the Bruce Trail.”

Thank you to this wonderful foundation for awarding CatsWannaBeCats.Com a grant in October or 2020, which was crucial to the development of such a powerful platform! www.goslingfoundation.org

Nature Canada is one of the oldest national nature conservation charities in Canada. For 80 years, Nature Canada has helped protect over 110 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species. CatsWannaBeCats.Com and Nature Canada work together toward a shared goal: Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives. Learn more about their Cats and Birds initiative at www.catsandbirds.ca and Bird Friendly City program at naturecanada.ca/bfc/

Dr. Leanne Lilly, DVM, DACVB




Dr. Lilly has provided guidance and inspiration to our Founder, Kathleen. Her work and research in behavioral medicine at Ohio State University is crucial to helping all of us cat parents better understand and care for our cats. You can learn more about and support her work by clicking here







Veterinary professionals passionate about the care of cats.


“The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) supports its members in improving the health and welfare of cats through high standards of practice, continuing education, and evidence-based medicine.” www.catvets.com








“Cat Dancer Products has been supporting CatsWannaBeCats.Com by supplying our Prize Catalog with their amazing toys! Learn more about them and their fun products here www.catdancer.com






“Catit has been supporting CatsWannaBeCats.Com by supplying our prize catalog with their yummy cat treats! Learn more about their environmental enrichment products at www.catit.com

Ema is the wonderful photographer who snapped our headshots and photos of our Cat Ambassador, Blue. You can learn more about her and her services at www.emasuvajac.com









Digital Marketing and Website Design Specialists


Without Bailey Creative, you wouldn’t be on CatsWannaBeCats.Com right now! They built our platform from the ground up so cat parents could reap all the benefits it provides www.baileycreative.ca

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