Written by: Ema Suvajac

Wow wow wow! Pixel’s weight loss has been nice and steady since we began, and I am so excited to report that he is down three whole pounds! Let’s face it, three pounds would be noticable on some people, and it is most definitely noticable on him!

When we first started our weight loss journey, it was difficult to see Pixel’s progress, because so much of his weight was being lost from his ample primordial pouch.  The scale didn’t lie however, and I knew that we were on the right track!

At the three pound mark, his weight loss is now quite visible. Behold!

cat weight loss strategies

On the left is 19.8lbs and on the right is 16.8lbs! That tuck! So svelte 🙂

Measuring cat food with a kitchen scale ensures you are sticking to the plan!

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog series, you’ll know that I’ve been very diligent to feed Pixel (and his sister Libby) the exact amount of food recommended by my veterinarian’s pet nutrition advisor.  This means that I’ve been weighing kibble to ensure that I am not accidentally overfeeding.  Scooping food results in far too much variance day-to-day.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Pixel has a bit of a naughty streak: When he’s very hungry, he misbehaves…much like the best of us, he is very prone to “hanger.”  When I first started Pixel’s diet, I assumed his “hanger” would get worse because he’d be eating much less volume.  Yet, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that the opposite has been true!  Though not entirely immune to hanger, Pixel is now much calmer overall, going longer between meals without begging, and generally has had a much happier disposition.

I think this also speaks to the fact that being overweight is uncomfortable for a cat at best, and downright painful at worst.

His joints must have ached when he was at his maximum weight! This would also explain why he was extra lazy…it hurt to move! Now he bounds around catching kibbles during our daily Kibbie Catch sessions, jumping and twisting in the air…practically doing back flips! He’s become a bona fide little acro-cat!

An unexpected non-scale victory is that Pixel is finally able to sit on this windowsill again. Here’s a side-by-side of him at a few months old in the same spot, and now 🙂

cat weight loss ideas

What a handsome fellow!

He still has a bit of weight to lose, but he has come a very long way, and I am so proud of him!!


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