Written By: Ema Suvajac.

Exercise is an important part of a weight loss program, right?

As Pixel has grown from a tiny little kitten to a large squishy boy, his enthusiasm for play had begun to decline. At his peak of 19.8lbs, Pixel was very good at doing not very much. Napping in rays of sunshine, napping in the laundry basket, napping in any new box that came into our home (the smaller the better).  This boy was GOOD AT NAPPING! 

His naps would be punctuated with his big appetite that would result in begging for food…and it truly began to dawn on me how bored he must be.  Yes, he was living the dream of belly rubs and armpit scratches, and cuddles with his mama. Not to mention living the ultimate dream of having a live-in primate with opposable thumbs to open those pesky cans of food.  But his base instinct – that of staking, chasing, and murdering his dinner – was being entirely neglected. 

And our epic game of Kibbie Catch was born.


Now, I realize that this kind of time commitment is not for everyone. I run my own business and have freedom in how my time is scheduled. That being said, a good game of Kibbie Catch only takes about 15 minutes.  What’s the premise, you ask? Well, I take Pixel’s bag of pre-weighed kibble for his meal and literally throw or flick each individual kibble around my living room for him to chase and eat!

It didn’t take him long to catch onto this game – his prey drive was ON and we were off to the races.  Running around, jumping in the air to catch overhead kibbies, darting, sprinting – he was having fun!  There have even been a few times where he would catch an airborne kibble with both paws, and in one swift motion deposit that kibble into his mouth and swallow it – all before returning to the ground.  I love seeing his coordination and stamina improve day after day!

By October 4th, he was down to 18.6lbs. That’s 1.2lbs lost in one month!  It’s so rewarding to see this approach begin to pay off – and even more so to see Pixel having fun, engaging his mind, and burning calories – all while eating his meals! 

Way to go Pixel!

Pixel’s 2-month progress report


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